You can now own SOLAR power at friendly prices

For many decades, solar power has been viewed as a reserve for the rich and those who have no access to KPLC. Solar Kenya Ltd has now changed this narrative by offering solar  & power back up equipment at  affordable prices to all. You can view the incredible offers by visiting

Technology is changing on many fronts and the same is evident in the energy industry. In the past, it was not possible to integrate concentrated solar power and battery backup. However, Solar Kenya believe that this is possible. The company believes that combining battery and solar power will go a long way in reducing carbon emissions. Extensive research needs to be carried out for an effective integration that will lead to low carbon development.

The company’s Engineer, Sammy Nyiri gave his feedback into the power situation in Kenya saying that is was demand led. What this means is that sufficient power should be received from the grid, every time there is a demand for it. Unfortunately, the picture on the ground is that power generation in Kenya does not meet the demand placed by customers. This demand needs to be met by looking into alternatives such as integration of the renewable resources.

The market is ripe and there is a need for solar backup for sale. Distributors need to find a way to set up power panels and stations to both businesses and households to cater for the demand. To cover the power gaps in the market, there is need for battery backup and other renewable energy sources. This means that power generation does not come to a halt. Customers can still have power even during harsh weather conditions. This is ideally the motive behind Solar Kenya Limited. Their products are effective in all seasons and across different parts of the country.

Solar Kenya hopes to make power available to their customers throughout the year. In the recent past, we have experienced heavy rains that have led to power outage, some people experiencing even 24 hour blackouts. This problem persists during seasons of prolonged rains. The cost of power shortages has weighed down many industries and households. The result has been an economy that is operating way beneath its potential. Sufficient power supply will ensure that industries and households run smoothly without power hiccups, which are very expensive and inconveniencing.

For most customers, solar installation prices in Kenya are a course for concern. However, customers will now be delighted to know that Solar Kenya Limited is rolling out affordable solar installation both for businesses and households. These systems are also efficient and a source of clean reliable energy. Solar  Kenya Limited provides resilient power solutions that are customer driven with the aim of ensuring continued power supply.