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Ritar 200Ah Solar battery

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Ritar 200Ah Solar battery


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Ritar solar Batteries valve regulated lead acid (vrla) batteries can be stored for up to 6 months at 25°c and then recharging is recommended. Monthly self-discharge ratio is less than 3% at 25°c.Please charge batteries before using. Ra series is a general purpose battery with 12 years design life in float service. It meets with IEC,JIS,BS and YDT standards. With advanced agm valve regulated technology and high purity raw material, the ra series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life. It is suitable for ups/eps, telecom, power grid, medical equipment, emergency light and security system applications.

Ritar solar Batteries Key Features :

Ritar solar batteries  Kenya

♦Safety seal ,Deflating system ,Simple maintenance ,long lasting ,Stable quality and high reliability

♦Gelled electrolyte made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume.
♦The electrolyte is gel like ,immobile and does not leak ,enabling
uniform reaction of each part of the plate .
♦High rate discharge performance due to tight assembly technology
♦Strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range
♦Avoid acid mist being separated out , environment friendliness
♦Efficient venting system release excessive gas automatically

Ritar solar  Batteries Applications :
♦Hybrid and off grid solar power system
♦ UPS battery backup
♦Wind solar energy system

♦ Signal system , emergency lighting system , security system
♦Telecommunication Equipment
♦Power station and plant room



ritar solar batteries kenya

Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (20HR) 200AH
Dimensions L 522* W 240* H 218 mm
Approx Weight Approx 58.5Kg
Terminal T11

Related Capacity

208.0 AH/10.4A               (20hr ,1.80V/cell,25 C/77 ºF)
200.0 AH/20.0A               (10hr,1.80V/cell, 25 C/77 ºF)
172.0 AH/34.4A               (5hr,1.75V/cell, 25 C/77 ºF)
156.0AH/152.0A               (3hr,1.75V/cell, 25 C/77 ºF)
122.0AH/122.0A               (1hr,1.60V/cell, 25 C/77 ºF)

Operating Tem.Range

Discharge :  -15 ~50 ℃ (5 ~122 ºF)

Charge :        0 ~  40 ℃  (32 ~104 ºF)

Storage :       -15 ~40 ℃ (5 ~104 ºF)

Cycle Use Initial Charging Current less than 60.0A. Voltage

14.4V~15.0V at 25℃ (77 ºF)Temp. Coefficient -30mV/ ℃

Capacity affected by Temperature 40  ℃      (104 ºF)                           103%

25  ℃      ( 77  ºF)                            100%

0    ℃       ( 32  ºF)                            86%

Container Material ABS
Max Discharge Current

2000A (5S)


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